Civilian Training Courses




Women’s Self-Defense Training
Men can also use Self-Defense


Everyone receives individual instruction.

It is a gun owner’s responsibility to know how to safely and properly handle their weapon. Live gun range practice under professional supervision and instruction is the best way to learn.

Don’t be a victim

Crime is always a problem in any society, and ours is no exception. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity and the victims were unable to defend themselves and their families. Criminals are like predatory animals they prey upon the weak and unaware victims. Prepared individuals are far less likely to be victimized, in part due to the confidence and knowledge they posses to prevent the altercation and also due to the fact that they know what to do in the event of an encounter with an assailant.


Many victims are victims simply because they didn’t know any better about how to avoid being a victim. It is not natural for decent law abiding citizens to think like criminals, people tend to look for the good in others. This ignorance about the criminal mind, and people generally being good, is just what the criminal is preying upon.

We teach you the tricks and cons that criminals commonly use as well as some more elaborate schemes they may employ, and how to deal with them or even avoid them all together.

Many crimes can be avoided by knowing the crime is being perpetrated by recognizing the signs of the crime before it starts. This knowledge can also be used to avoid situations that may precipitate the crime by not even putting yourself in those places and positions, knowledge is the key to all of this prevention.

We have many trained individuals that have worked in many areas of Law Enforcement and Corrections as well as undercover operations, that have countless first hand experience and encounters with these same criminal elements that are out there to victimize good citizens like you and your family. We can train you to be aware and recognize criminal activity before it happens and how to react defensively and form an action plan to avoid the crime. After all you can’t avoid a trap if you don’t recognize the trap as a trap.

Finally if you find yourself in a situation that you can not avoid, and you must use force, we prepare you with self-defense techniques to protect yourself. Our staff trains in the use of self-defense techniques only as a last resort when the situation warrants its use. We don’t just teach people self-defense techniques, we teach them not only how, but also when they should be used. Our self-defense instructors are all certified Black Belt instructors that have years of training and discipline in Martial Arts and Self-defense. They have all earned many awards and competitions as well as citations from many organizations for their excellence and competence in their field of Martial Arts and Self-defense.


Do you believe in the Second Amendment Rights?

Do you believe you have the right to defend yourself and your family?

If your answer is yes then arm yourself with the ultimate weapon…KNOWLEDGE!

Your home is the most important place. It should be safe for you and your family and you have the right to protect it. We train you in proper use and protection of your home with a firearm. Firearms are very dangerous in untrained hands and are not for everyone. All persons considering owning or using a firearm should have PROFESSIONAL TRAINING in its use and safety. WEAPON SAFETY is the ONLY GOAL we have in our civilian training program.

This 6-Hour course is designed for beginners and instructs the following:

  Basic Shooting Skills

  Firearms Safety and their use by beginners

  Laws on Self-defense and the use of force

  Laws on gun ownership and the transporting of firearms

  Home safety and personal protection

  Liability issues

  Live gun range practice fire

Even if you don’t have a gun, we can train you.

This course is taught by experienced, certified firearms instructors that are dedicated to training in the safe and proper use of firearms.