Field Work

Security Officers and Operatives are fully briefed on the security objectives of each client prior to assignment. MSDTA management believes that planning; training and proper supervision is crucial to proper implementation. Carefully maintained logbooks, incident reports, daily reports is an integral part of our on going training. In addition to monthly on-site/in-house training sessions, MSDTA provides officers, operatives and supervisors with written policies and procedures consisting of: MSDTA standards of performance, area post orders and client guidelines, to ensure all MSDTA/client guidelines are followed.

Our security and investigative personnel have trained in the areas of identification, observation, crime prevention, recognizing authority figures, chain of command and protection of assets. Our agency is a full service operation designed to meet specific needs with quality and professionalism. We are open to new ideas and work closely with you and your management staff to address any and all concerns. Our staff provides courteous and informative service and utilizes the latest technological equipment.

Having this diverse expertise, MSDTA has equipped its organization with capable, professional, expertly trained armed/unarmed enforcement officers to insure that your security needs can be met. If there is a need for intervention by an MSDTA Security Officer, our officers have been trained to effectively deal with extreme situations and subvert or diffuse potentially volatile situations. In addition, MSDTA officers and operatives are effectively trained to thoroughly investigate all security matters.