MSDTA Operatives are highly skilled investigators covering all areas of investigation, from simple employment background checks to criminal investigations. These people are true experts in their fields largely because of the training background the agency provides. Many of our Operatives come from Law Enforcement Agencies as well as special training facilities. All are well-trained professionals that are on the cutting edge of the field.

The importance of proper equipment for the assignment can not be stressed enough. Our Operatives are trained with the latest technology and state of the art equipment for all surveillance and counter security measures. MSDTA has a vast knowledge of both ends of Protection, Security and Investigation, the knowledge from one helps to enhance the skill in the other. All Investigation methods are completely within the confines of the Law.

MSDTA also maintains a fleet of highly specialized and modified vehicles for Surveillance and Security Force operations, such as armed escorts (Bodyguard). Long-term surveillance requires a good deal of time following a subject and you must have suitable vehicles for this purpose. These vehicles require specialized training not just in using the equipment but also on how to handle any special features or modifications for safe operation. Operatives are trained for this contingency.

Investigations are done to the letter of the contract stipulations and ultimately to the Clients satisfaction. We have created a long list of distinguished and satisfied clients. Many are in Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigation or large private corporations.



Did You Know: It Can Take years before a victim of identity theft is even aware of the crime, and during that time their identity can be used for a variety of criminal activities, which may be difficult to recover from.