Our goal is total client satisfaction by providing high quality, efficient and effective security, investigative and training services at affordable rates, while maintaining the strictest confidence and integrity.


We employ only the best and most talented officers and operatives. These individuals are highly trained professionals that must continue to train and exceed ever-increasing standards. Our officers and operatives possess a broad spectrum of valuable skills and talents for conducting all types of security and investigative challenges. Our agency strives to be efficient effective and innovative by requiring very stringent training for all employees. Learning, growth and improvement are a continuous on going process.

Menser Security and Detective Training Agency is fully licensed by the state of Illinois and insured by West Bend Mutual Insurance Co., for $2,000,000 in liability for damages. At this time it must be pointed out that our agency has an unblemished record, there has never been a claim brought against the agency nor has the State ever taken any punitive action since the company's inception in 1990.

Money and cost are always a serious consideration with MSDTA. We realize that times are very strenuous financially to say the least. This is why we here at MSDTA are extremely efficient in the servicing of our clients. Our experience and expertise allows us to accurately gauge the needs of our clients and deploy the correct amount of equipment and manpower to meet those needs. This experience and expertise also allows for rapid resolution of problems there by minimizing cost and liability in most situations. For these reasons costs can be kept to a minimum.


Our agency uses the latest technology in its day-to-day operations. All employees are trained in the advancements of technology and operational techniques, such as the latest self-defense and weapons combat training, computer security and even anti-terrorism just to name a few. All aspects of security and investigation are constantly reviewed, updated and adapted to our standard operational practices. Many of these standards are then improved and taken far beyond the basic standards set forth by the Government, the Department of Professional Regulations and the industry.

MSDTA not only provides security and investigations, we are also licensed to train and certify all elements of security and private investigations. MSDTA provides training and certifications for basic 20 hr, 40 hr armed all the way through to the 300 hr complete training course

The fact that the agency has been in existence since 1990, and that there has been no claims or complaints lodged against us during that time, is a glaring testimony to the success and effectiveness of the agency. However the most endearing testimony is that of our long and distinguished list of satisfied clients, from private individuals to Government and Law Enforcement, without whom, we would not be in business. To them our thanks goes out, and to you our newest client, we welcome you into a very satisfying future business relationship. Thank You.