Security Services

MSDTA Officers are well trained in the area of security, due in part, to the fact that we are a licensed training agency. We have the skills and expertise to provide our Security Officers with the most up to date training that is also continuously evolving. Training at MSDTA never stops. Many of the higher ranked security Officers are also trainers as well giving both on the job and classroom instruction.

We at MSDTA also believe that a Security Officer must have the best equipment to do the job. That is why our Security Officers are equipped with the latest hardware and accessories. All Equipment is expertly and professionally maintained and each Security Officer is well trained in the equipments use before it is issued.

We are also mobile for large tours of duty. This is accomplished with a variety of service vehicles at our disposal. The MSDTA security service fleet is a great asset to any security post covering a large area of property or multiple sites. The Security Officers all under-go rigorous vehicular training for safety and job effectiveness. This training is Crucial to the assigning of an Officer to any tour requiring vehicles.


State of the Art Equipment


MSDTA Service Vehicles