Training Courses

20Hr Basic Security

  Introduction to Security

  Fire Prevention

  Report Writing

  Retail Security

  Employment Skills

State of the art Classrooms

MSDTA Officers are fully trained for real world situations

40Hr Firearms Training

Introduction to the Service Revolver and Ammunition

Liability and Laws Concerning the Weapon

Firing the Revolver

Combat Shooting with the Revolver

MSDTA Firearms instruction covers all aspects of weapon usage and maintenance

MSDTA has access to Indoor and Outdoor

NRA and State approved Firing Ranges

MSDTA Instructors must maintain a high degree of proficiency in Firearms Training

Standard NRA B-27 Firing Range Target

300Hr Complete Training

Complete Training For Security Specialist

Management Career path Opportunities

MSDTA training provides all aspects of security and investigations, from Hospital security and CPR to Criminal Investigation and Court Procedures.

20Hr Course Content

Basic 20Hr Security Training is the first stage in any security officers career, all officers must have this training done by a State Licensed agency that has the certification to teach this class. This class covers all of the relevant issues concerning security and the requirements of the State.

Introduction to Security 4 hours

A.     History of Law Enforcement

B.     Ethics

C.    Personal responsibility to yourself, employer and co-workers

D.    Inter-relationships with the public, clients and others

Fire Prevention 4 hours

A.     Fire prevention and other safety measures

B.     Bomb threats and Anti-Terrorist measures

Report Writing 4 hours

A.     Moral, financial and criminal responsibilities

B.     Reporting to law enforcement agencies

C.    Report writing

D.    Observations and descriptions

E.     Reporting to superiors

F.     Preserving the crime scene

Retail Security 4 hours

A.     Retail theft and other safety measures

B.     Testifying in court

C.    Illinois Criminal Code (Chapter 720)

D.    Investigations

E.     Interviewing techniques

Employment Skills 4 hours

A.     Security requirements

B.     Licensing

C.    Regulations

40Hr Course Content

The 40 Hour course has an additional 20 hours added to the Basic security training to satisfy state firearms training requirements.

Introduction to the Revolver and

ammunition 4 hours

History and Description of the revolver

·   The Colt Police Special

Revolver Operation and Handling

·   Basic types of Revolver Built in safety factors

·   Common Malfunctions Mechanical safeties

·   Inspection Care & Cleaning

·   Recoil


·   Cartridge components

·   Rim-Fire Center-Fire

·   The .38 Special Cartridge

·   Care of ammunition

·   Misfires Hang-Fires

·   Reloads. Squib Loads

Holsters and Leather Gear

·   Holster Specifications

·   Wearing the Holster

·   Holster Belt

·   Cartridge carriers Speed Loaders

·   Loops Cases

·   Care of Leather Equipment

Revolver Accessories

·   Broad Trigger

·   Special Grips

·   Grip Adaptors

·   Movable Sights

Liability and Laws concerning the weapon 6 hours

Introduction to Safety

·   General Safety Precautions

·   Safety at Home

·   Special Safety Considerations

Firing the revolver 4 Hours

·   Safety Rules

·   Range Procedures and Rules of Conduct

·   Range Commands

·   Double Action Shooting

·   Grip and Finger Position

·   Trigger Squeeze

·   Use of Double Action

·   Shooting with the Weak Hand

·   Using the “Other Eye”

Combat Shooting with the revolver 6 hours

Combat Positions

·   Crouch

·   Barricade

·   Kneeling

·   Sitting

·   Prone

·   Point Shooting

·   Reviewing the positions

·   Special Safety Precautions

Courses Of Fire

·   NRA National Police Course

·   NRA 25-Yard Course

·   NRA Indoor PPC


·   FBI Double Action

Special Coaching Tips For Combat Shooting

·   Breaking The Wrist

·   Speed

·   Counting Rounds

·   Loading and Unloading

·   Other Positions

·   Return to Bull’s-Eye Fundamentals

Combat Position Illustrations

·   NRA B-27 Target

300Hr Complete Certification Course Content

This course is a complete and comprehensive course that is intended for the Career Security Specialist. It has Extensive and detailed training in all areas of Security and investigations. The individual that completes this training will be well suited for a supervisory or other advanced type position in the security field. This course is excellent for those that are already experienced or advanced in their security careers that wish to improve their skills or for advancement. The course covers but is not limited to the following:

Principles of Security ------------------------------- 20 Hours

Cargo Security --------------------------------------- 20 Hours

Hospital Security ------------------------------------- 20 Hours

Crime Prevention ------------------------------------ 20 Hours

Defensive Tactics ----------------------------------- 20 Hours

Career Development ------------------------------- 20 Hours

Demolition Search and Identify ------------------ 20 Hours

CPR – First Aid -------------------------------------- 20 Hours

Firearms ----------------------------------------------- 20 Hours

Security Officers Training ------------------------- 40 Hours

Firearms Training ----------------------------------- 40 Hours

Supervisor Development Training -------------- 20 Hours

Criminal Law and Procedures ------------------- 40 Hours

Investigations ----------------------------------------- 40 Hours

Gang Crime Specialist ---------------------------- 40 Hours

Moral and Ethical Considerations -------------- 20 Hours

Liability for Acts -------------------------------------- 20 Hours


Written and gun range shooting Scores are administered after the course presentations to determine the retention level of the materials presented. Also, a passing grade must be achieved to become certified by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulations.